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hitchcock: birds
what looks awesome? The goddamn tintin movie looks awesome. daniel craig, simon pegg, nick frost, edgar wright, stephan moffat and JAMIE BELL AS TINTINNNNNNNNNNNNN

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Hey, watch THE PRISONER already so you can make a blog post about it and we can comment on it.

Just as long as you don't compare it to the original you're good. And ignore all the homages to the original... "be seeing you", Rover (who is humungous and awesome), pennyfarthing bicycle, door that says "WAY OUT", lava lamps, rounded door in #63's room, etc.

They wanted to only make 6 episodes (exactly like they wanted with the original). The network said oh yeah, make 6 episodes and then we'll do a thing where 6 escapes and gets revenge on the Village for a couple of seasons -- just like PRISON BREAK.

The creator dude was like hell no, 6 only. So at least there's that.

At least they answer everything. So by the end of the show you 100% know:

1. What and where the village is, who started it and why (luckily it's not a dream like some shows I could ention)

2. Who is Number 1 -- they explain this away pretty early even though by the end they kinda reveal the "real" number 1... luckily it's not 6 himself.

3. What happens afterwards, and it doesn't involve any musical montages of "Dry Bones" ... but they do use creepy music throughout the show like THE BEACH BOYS.

4. Exactly why 6 resigned and why he ended up in the village in the first place.

Just download it and do a prisoner watching marathon.

i have one episode downloaded so far. I dont think i watched all of the original prisoner. dont hate

WTF, why didn't you watch all of it? The final episodes is one of the craziest hours of TV.

Also, when did you give up on Burn Notice? The 2nd season is really realy good... they got back to the MacGyver "how to" kinda stuff.

after about four episodes i think, it started out ok but quickly became super stupid, like how the girlfriend was suddenly not irish any more

I used to care about things like that until Nip/Tuck recasted KATEE SACKHOFF (short blonde) with ROSE MCGOWAN (tall brunette) from charmed.

The burn notice girlfriend chick still talks and acts foreign a little bit, she's just a spy so she's blending in.

Plus who cares about such things when there's BRUCE CAMPBELL... who is awesome.

The 2nd season has had a bunch of really good guest stars, like Joel Gretsch, MC Gainey, the badass lawyer guy from BSG, Tricia Helfer.

also I think I got confused and tired of the prisoner. maybe I will give it a chance again SOMEDAY

No new updates? A couple of things... first of all BBC1 is remaking DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS... it airs Dec 28th and 29th and it looks awesome.

Also: I think it would be cool if Richard was on the Black Rock, along with Magnus Hanso and MacCutcheon... and when the ship gets close to the island, he becomes unstuck in time (like Minkowski) only he flashes forward to his life in the 1900s and 2000s.

I'd definitely like some richard flashbacks before the series ends. wouldnt be fair if they never explained his story.

I think instead of a Richard flashback, the show should focus only on Jack, Michael and Charlie flashbacks for the entire season.

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