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hitchcock: birds
most ugh-worthy news of the day: jim carrey is playing curly in a three stooges movie. not sure which part pisses me off more, jim carrey or the movie itself.

traffic today was retarded due to the unmotivated arriving late to a motivational extravaganza. lots of unmotivated random lane changing, unmotivated intersection blocking, and unmotivated bewildered looks on the faces of lucky sonsabitches who got to skip work only to fuck up downtown because they dont know where they are or where they are going. it's not that complicated!

my brother texted me to say he didn't know if dad had PLANS to FIX his new giant dog. great. act like fucking hillbillies EVEN MORE, why don't you. get the dog shot, as jason mentioned, because its hormones are making it roam the countryside in search of hot bitches.

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(Deleted comment)
ughhhhh god why and what and fuck. I don't even hate del toro but he is not FUNNY.

my stooge loving heart is breaking

also I don't think the person who wrote that has ever seen the stooges, they call larry a "silent partner." wtf does that mean? he wasn't goddamn harpo

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