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undesirable number one

fuck my jailbait cooter

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snake banner, P.I.
18 July 1974
70s movies, alias, aliens, alton brown, angel, arrested development, art bell, barbies, battlestar galactica, bbc america, billy west, biting, books, boromir, brad neely, bread, breasts, bridget jones, buffy the vampire slayer, cats, cheese, chocolate, coen brothers, comic books, consumption, corn bread, crop circles, cute work boys, directors, doctor who, ear plugs, ebola, economics, elvis costello, elzar's spice weasel, farscape, feet, firefly, foreign money, fossils, frank capra, funk, futurama, gambit, golden age of hollywood, gone with the wind, good eats, hating deli slicer face, hating florida, hitchcock, house m.d., humphrey bogart, hurf burf, hurr blurr, iced tea, it happened one night, it's a wonderful life, jack, jigsaw puzzles, jimmy stewart, kilts, kubrick, kudzu, kurt vonnegut, league of gentlemen, legos, lex luthor, life on mars, liz lemon, lost, making fun of prawn, making out, maps, margaret mitchell, marshall flinkman, men's biceps, michael chabon, mint dental floss, motown, my nemesis, my own death, obnoxiously wordy lj tags, owen wilson, pizza, planning the perfect murder, porn, punching you to death, pushing buttons, q-tips, ratchet and clank, rear window, red tail hawks, rhett butler, rocks, rushmore, sabrina, sam cooke, sci fi, scratching, sean bean, self loathing, sex sex world, sherlock holmes, short guys, simcity, sleeping, sleeping outside, smallpox, smells, soul, southern food, southern writers, star trek, steadicam shots, sunset boulevard, superhero origin stories, talk radio, tb, the clash, the confederacy, the cutty sark, the food network, the invisibles, the kinks, the office, the philadelphia story, the south, the stand, the who, thorstein veblen, torchwood, toys, travis mcgee, ttypx, tuberculosis, turkey buzzards, unemployment, vargas, veronica mars, video games, warren ellis, wes anderson

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