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the new doctor
doctor who: tardis
hate his stupid hair and stupid bow tie. hate that he is that special kind of ugly that is presented as handsome. would have rather had a person that was just plain ugly. he has a spit line on his lips when he talks. the flippy bits of hair in the back are especially annoying.

hate the new companion. of course it had to be a pretty young dimwitted slut that lusts after the doctor, who is also a poor widdle damaged pwincess inside. why not have a male companion for a change, or a smart one, like martha, or an independent one like donna that didn't fall in love with the guy? i am so over new companions being so impressed with the doctor and asking stupid questions all the time. isn't the doctor fucking famous by now? hasn't he saved the world a jillion times?

the only thing I really enjoyed was ROY or RORY or whatever the boyfriend's name was, and the old doctor montage at the end. looking forward to the doctor's awesome wife, river song, and bill nighy in episodes to come.

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