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hitchcock: birds
I had my own office for a couple of weeks. I never got around to talking about it on here but I was excited. It was kind of the first time I ever felt like I was doing a grown up job. On Tuesday, I won't even have a cube. I wasn't demoted, I did nothing wrong, in fact my whole team had stepped up to the challenge of increasing demands and met constantly higher standards. Regardless, we are being moved back to a noisy, crowded workspace where we will be expected to perform better than the rest of the department while doing their jobs and ours. people have complained to HR and there isn't really anything that can be done. I will be put back on answering customer phone calls for at least two hours a day. this aspect of the job is what almost got me fired over a year ago because I could not handle it. I either took too many sick days because I hated coming to work so much or I lost my cool when people attacked me; both things would get me actually fired in this new climate. I guess I am kind of glad I didn't mention the office. Now I won't have to look back at old posts and laugh at myself for expecting something good to come of this job.


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