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hitchcock: birds
finally, a good episode. I still love locke, and it is good to see terry oquinn play the real locke instead of the personification of morally ambiguous good or evil.

the flash sideways seem to be hammering home the point that even though all the people who died because of the plane crash are now ALIVE, everything is not better for most people. locke can't walk, claire has nowhere to go, charlie is in jail, kate is a dumb whorefugitive and WORST OF ALL: ROSE IS DYING OF CANCER! I had forgotten all about her problem and now I am depressed. the only one who is actually doing better is hurley but i'm sure his personal flash sideways will be full of disillusionment and bittersweet bullshit.

MEAN BOSS is back, but he was right to fire locke. he used company money to fund a personal trip to australia. bad locke!

my favorite part of the episode was the lack of kate's name on the cave wall (that, and the fact that sawyer is listening to search and destroy in the wreck of his old house). i take this to mean that kate is not important and therefore should be hit by a bus that is driven by juliet's ghost. finally, a return of the numbers. supplementary material to the show allegedly explains the number thing. will they ever do that ON THE SHOW?

ben got off the island safely, I wonder if anyone was actually killed in the nuclear blast? i am now remembering how richard said that ben would be different from then on, changed by being brought back to life, we now know by the magical pool of water. so did claire die, is that why she is now changed, and what about rousseau's people?

I am glad that they are not waiting until the last couple of episodes to explain things. I am finally getting excited about this season.

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Remember, just before the incident the sub was taking all the women and children (like Miles and Mrs. Chang) off the island. They were also taking Sawyer, Kate and Juliet but they shot out the radio and told the sub driver, take us back to the island, drop us off and then keep leaving the island.

So if the nuke from the incident is what put the island underwater in the flash-sideways... and they haven't said this is true... then that's why Ethan, Amy, Miles, and Charlotte are alive off-island in the flash-sideways. They didn't show Ben being returned to Dharma but I imagine they dropped him off after he was healed.

That also means that Richard, Horace, Radzinsky, Dr. Chang, Richard, Ellie, and Widmore all died in the ALT, therefore Faraday and Penny were never born.

I hope they don't say Ben, Claire, or even Sayid literally "died" ... they had better just be injured... because Ben said very clearly in season 5, dead is dead...

ellie knew that the bomb was going to go off, so why wouldnt she leave?

Jack told them what Faraday said, that the nuke would reset the timeline.

Ellie thought the nuke would negate the energy of the Swan station, so 815 wouldn't crash 30 years later and Daniel wouldn't be brought to the island on the freighter. Why would she think anything different?

im not going to assume she didnt leave because anything goes in this joint

That reminds me of a buddy of mine in Utah. Around new years me and Sarah were down there and he was watching season 5 of Lost.

Jack was shooting at the Dharma guys while running at them. He was like, that's so implausible he could be running towards them AND hitting them.

I was like, you choose to believe there's a smoke monster, polar bears, not pushing a button on an Apple II breaks a plane apart, that the island moves, causes time travel, heals people, causes people not to age, that turning a frozen donkey wheel moves you to TUNISIA... that anyone who survived had minimal injuries, that only the beautiful people survived, that they were all connected before the island...

That Locke fell 8 stories and didn't die, that Hurley gets chicks to like him, that Kate can actually raise a baby... Desmond has flashes of the past, but running while shooting... THAT's the one thing that's not believable... right.

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