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hitchcock: birds
I am hating this season so far. the alternate time line is a great idea but I could do without another episode set in the airport.

things that have pissed me off:

juliet dying
kate doing anything, like chasing after sawyer (YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS DEAD, LETS GET BACK TOGETHER!!), kidnapping claire, taking her wallet, claiming she is innocent
jacob's big dude getting killed by the smoke monster
charlie's alternate timeline bullshit
the implication that since claire is supposedly evil, kate will get to keep aaron which is completely lame
claire asking the woman who kidnapped her to come with her to see the prospective parents and stay with her in the hospital (i realize that she was ALONE and SCARED but she was also held and robbed AT GUNPOINT and left in a strange neighborhood in LA where she could have been murdered)
sawyer threatening to kill jack and then pussing out
the show runners' belief that we are most interested in what is happening to GODDAMN KATE when everyone I know hates her

i realize they probably would have had a hard time bringing charlie back for good since he is on another show, but still, getting arrested instead of dying a hero seems like a worse fate for him when all he ever wanted to do was be useful.

how tall is the wall around the temple? seems like you'd be able to see that building and know it was there if you were on the island for three years.

decent things:
sawyer forcing miles to talk to juliet after she died (i love miles period)
rose and bernard being cute on the plane

things I hope they will finally resolve before the show ends:
why is richard immortal?
who is good? how can richard be good if he participated in wiping out the dharma people?
why does jacob bring people to the island?
what happened to rousseau's people? is it what the japanese dude said is happening to sayid and claire?
why did ben kidnap kids? was it just because his people couldn't have babies?
why was jacob invisible sometimes? was it actually the smoke monster in that cabin, or was the line of ash or whatever around the cabin to keep the monster out?
why was dharma still delivering food and other supplies years after all their people were murdered? was it just because they knew someone was there pushing the button to release the magnetic energy? why not blow up the place instead like desmond did?

i dont have much hope for this show ending well. no one knows how to end a story without fucking it up. alias was shit in the last season. even though everyone gets what they deserve in the end; it was completely unsatisfying.

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This week is going to be kickass. John Locke flash-sideways. Based on the official ABC sneak peek for this week, it looks like the alt universe is WAY WAY different than it looked like so far.

Not only is the wall around the temple tall, the actual temple is way far away, plus there is all that foliage over it... and the others control it so they're probably all creepy if you try to get near it, not to mention smokie is nearby.

1. Numbers: it's the valenzetti equation, didn't you watch that one video? In the alt timeline, Hurley still wins the lottery but with DIFFERENT numbers. It's like how pi shows up in nature and in the stock market and all that.

2. There will be a Richard flashback this season to explain this. I think Smoke Monster made Jacob and Richard immortal.

3. It would be a good twist if Richard and Jacob are bad, and Smokie is good.

4. I think Jacob just wants "the whole world" to be like the island, with magic healing and everything.

5. Probably, they took Montand to the temple to try and heal him, but there's always a chance it will infect you.

6. Who knows...

7. They implied at the end of the 5th season that Jacob moved out of the cabin a while ago and Smokey moved in. The ash keeps the monster away, but someone broke the circle to the cabin by accident which is why Smokey got thru it.

Smoke Monster probably made a bunch of people immortal at some point, not just Jacob and Richard, but they can still be killed. So they've burned those bodies and the ash is ash from real "smoke monster-ized" people... also the same reason Smokey can't directly kill Jacob.

8. They promised to explain the food drops this season.

i also dont know why the smoke monster lives under the wall of the temple but somehow cant get inside?

Jacob made it so Smokey can't get inside... maybe the healing pool is what does it... hence why they were freaking out when they hear Jacob was dead, spread ash around the temple...

I think the temple is Smokey's home... Smokey wants to go home.

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I forgot about libby. I doubt they will explain it, or why she financed desmond's boat race, since they wanted to punish the actress for getting a dui and are not having her back as far as i know. ROTTEN BULLSHIT.

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I think that the real problem is that the writers didn't really have a reason for that shit at the time and they think we've forgotten about it by now.

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