hitchcock: birds

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hitchcock: birds

stayed in friday night and watched wolverine. not good.

went to jess's with sarah and suzie for patrick swayze memorial ladies night. made quacamole, played with nora (a baby), molly (a dog), hastings and baker (some cats) and a fireplace (fire). watched dirty dancing and to wong foo, tried not to cry about the swaze.

went to bed at 4am sunday morning, woke up at 4pm, went back to bed at 10pm.

WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK. all i do is go to work and come back home. then I do nothing and i live in squalor because of it.

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(Deleted comment)
I watched point break on sunday too. my favorite thing about that movie is that it seems to be constructed so as to have great scenes for the trailer. "YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT THE FBI IS GOING TO PAY ME TO SURF"

also I like to recall danny butterman in hot fuzz asking "have you ever fired your gun up in the air while going 'ARR'?"

also NO hugh jackman did not make anything moist thank you for asking. I like him but that movie was a turd wrapped in terrible special effects. I didn't know who half the characters were supposed to be, and they just killed gambit for me.

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